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Advantage Study

CHPA commissioned a first-of-its-kind study on the OTC benefit in Medicare Advantage plans, finding reduced costs and/or improved outcomes for many enrollees in a number of product categories, including eye and ear care, cough/cold, and skin health. The study highlights OTC benefits as a means for health plans to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

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IRI and CHPA Explore How Self-Care Has Changed During COVID-19

The pandemic transformed consumer self-care routines. Today, nearly 70 percent of Americans do something to support their health and wellness at least several days a week. IRI and CHPA’s new report, “The Evolution of Self-Care,” divides consumers into seven distinct segments and discusses how CPG companies and retailers across several categories — including vitamin/mineral/supplement, OTC and pharmaceutical, and home health care — can reach them with the right health and wellness solutions.

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Insights with Impact: Women’s Health and OTC Birth Control

CHPA’s “Insights with Impact” series featured Cindy Sanders, Co-Publisher/Managing Editor of Nashville Medical News, who discussed the growing interest in over-the-counter (OTC) access to oral contraceptives (OC).