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Striking the right cadence between developing and promoting content specific to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and highlighting information that was seasonally relevant, KnowYourOTCs continued to reach consumers online with important messages on the safe and responsible use of consumer healthcare products.

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Campaign Highlights

This year, the foundation prioritized expanding its content related to dietary supplements on – including the launch of an interactive supplements label, and the addition of several articles providing evidence-based answers to common questions consumers have about vitamins.

Visits to
Consumers Reached on social media
Year-over-year engagement increase
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Maintained Steady Website Traffic to

Ongoing paid promotion activities and SEO optimizations resulted in 2.6 million page views of content published to, in line with last year’s performance.


Continued to Reach Consumers with Compelling Content Highlighting How to Safely Choose and Use OTC Products

Gleaning insights from Google search trends and site traffic, our organic and paid social media strategies resulted in reaching more than two million consumers at a much higher engagement rate compared to last year, a 186% increase.


Launched New Tool That Enables Consumers to Explore a Supplement Label

To help consumers better understand the valuable information that they can glean from the Supplement Facts panel, we published and promoted an interactive tool to that provides easy-to-understand descriptions of elements that make up the label.

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Launched New and Relevant OTC Safety Content on

Throughout the year, we published or updated 20 webpages on, including:

  • 12 expert articles and safety guides
  • 4 active ingredient pages
  • 4 brand product pages