OTC Pain Reliever Education

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While continuing to educate older consumers with pre-existing health conditions via promotion of the OTC Pain Reliever Assessment on KnowYourOTCs.org and a 30-second animated video, the award-winning OTC Pain Reliever Education campaign also launched two three-month pilot initiatives focused on reaching Spanish-speakers and underserved older adults with key safety messages related to pain relievers. Additionally, the campaign continued to expand upon pain management-related content on KnowYourOTCs.org and enhance its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to increase organic site traffic.

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Campaign Highlights

Optimizations made to paid promotional tactics aimed at driving older adults with pre-existing conditions to the interactive assessment resulted in the campaign surpassing its 2021 goal for assessment completions.

  • 56% over 2021 assessment completions goal
  • 11% year-over-year decrease in cost per completion
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Expanded Promotion of the Pain Reliever Assessment to Spanish-Speaking Consumers

Translated the interactive assessment into Spanish and successfully piloted a three-month digital marketing campaign to educate Spanish-speaking “at-risk” consumers. Efforts resulted in:

assessment completions

Developed & Launched A Research-Based Pilot Effort Targeting the Underserved Older Adult Population

Executed a comprehensive research plan to gain a thorough understanding of the underserved older adult consumer’s pain management experience and use of OTC pain relievers. Following research findings, we successfully launched a three-month digital marketing campaign promoting the interactive assessment and KnowYourOTCs.org content focused on specific types of pain. Efforts resulted in:

assessment completions
site visits to pain type content on KYOTCs.org
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Continued to Add Expert-Authored Pain Management-Related Content to KnowYourOTCs.org

Expanded and optimized holistic pain management content to educate consumers about the variety of options available for inclusion in their “pain management toolbox” – including articles on at-home symptom treatments for arthritis and back pain.


Increased Organic Web Traffic to Pain Content on KnowYourOTCs.org

Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts conducted throughout the year earned more than 71,500 non-paid visits to pain content on KnowYourOTCs.org.