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This year the Up and Away campaign – in partnership with the CDC and its PROTECT Initiative – celebrated 10 years of providing parent education to reduce the risk of accidental medicine ingestions in young children. Congratulations to our PROTECT partners on reaching this milestone! Through our collective work on this initiative, which includes voluntary industry actions and educational efforts promoting children’s medication safety, there has been a 75% decline in ED visits for pediatric cough/cold liquid medication overdoses from its peak in 2008. This is an incredible improvement and proof that our efforts are positively impacting public health.


Campaign Highlights

During seasonally relevant points throughout the year, Up and Away leveraged national partnerships, paid media, new content, and PROTECT partner amplification to remind families to keep medicines out of reach and sight of young children.


Creative Development

Applying focus group insights, Up and Away developed a second “You Can’t Be Everywhere” video depicting an on-the-go scenario and the importance of keeping medicines safe in bags, purses, or suitcases.



Creative Partnerships

International health technology company Phillips Digital+ ran two Up and Away articles on its popular Pregnancy+ and Baby+ applications; This generated 1.6 million impressions and 20,000 views.

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Point-of-Care Marketing Expert PatientPoint distributed Up and Away posters and messages in 13,705 offices representing 61,693 health care providers and their patients, totaling a $1.9M in-kind contribution.

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Connecting with
Poison Centers

More than 19 state poison centers have shared Up and Away Content to their followers on social media, including the National Capital Poison Center which featured an article in their Poison Post newsletter, reaching 44,000 subscribers.


Engaging Parents & Caregivers

Through our social media outreach and media promotion during specific times of the year, the campaign has reached 700,000 parents and caregivers with our messages to keep medicines up and away, out of the sight and reach of curious little children.


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